Yo, I’m Mike – founder & lead designer of Maxed Level. You loved something you saw but you got some questions & concerns

Let’s start with the elephant in the room…our apparel is 100% on-demand manufacturing. This scares you because you’ve heard of drop shipping and/or probably have had a bad experience online shopping before. We NEVER ship from China & below I’ll explain everything we do with full transparency 💯

1. Our mission – design badass shit you & I both want to wear

And design more of it than anyone else. I love designing & I get inspired by DBZ, anime & classic games, because the art is 🔥

I personally find most of the options out there basic, boring, and honestly pretty lame. So my solution was to infuse LA streetwear fashion into the art to make apparel I’d actually want to wear out, because I can’t sell you shit I wouldn’t wear myself

2. Our quality – Design is king

We 100% focus our energy & clothing decisions on how the design comes out.

When we decide on partners, we want to know about their printing quality. This includes their equipment (Kornit Avalanch), garments they use, experience, process, and facility, to ensure our detailed designs look fresher than anything out there

3. It’s not random drop shipping, we know our partners

Just because we practice 100% on-demand manufacturing doesn’t mean we’re a random drop shipper 🙄. We don’t grab shit from China, or source from random vendors- We design our own stuff + have actual relationships with our printers.

We have a preferred partner who we vetted and visited one of their 6 state-of-the-art facilities where they produce wholesale for major brands & retailers. Luckily for you & us, they offer the same process & quality for on-demand orders

4. Where do we get our garments from?

We currently use Bella+Canvas for all our shirts. We love the fit, feel, color quality, and as a plus they are L.A. based just like us. They are a well known premium shirt provider.

Our current sweaters & hoodies are Gildan. They’re so well known that some people hate on them for being basic, but at the end of the day we don’t care what haters say because they have the best color options available & designs look 🔥 on them when done with our preferred printing partner. We know you’ll love it when you get it.

5. Our prices reflect our quality

We price our clothing based on our value. Think we’re overpriced? Cool. Are we going to lower our price because of opinions? No

We know our business & the time we put in. We know the value and quality of our designs, of making 100s of styles available, having fashion experts matching the best colors, creating our partnerships, and showcasing all our garments. Plenty of our customers appreciate all the value we provide ❤️

6. Here’s what to expect when you order

We send your order to our partner & they get to work on it. Average production time is about 2 – 3 business days (in rare cases it can take up to 7). It goes through a quality check before being shipped out to you with USPS ~ 3 – 5 business day shipping.

You get clothing that is sick AF. You know you contributed to U.S. fair wage labor for the printing, you know it’s freshly made, and your order was part of an eco-friendly process from the printing technology all the way to the company not wasting 1000s of clothes in a landfill they can’t sell ✌️

7. We try to keep it real here at Maxed Level

We have nothing to hide here. Have other questions? Hit us up. We have all our policies at the footer of the site. We’re designing every week nonstop because that’s what we do. Let us know what you like and what you want to see more of. Would love for you to try my shit out, it’s definitely what keeps me going.

Much Love - Mike

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